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The STTTC is not merely a rite of passage for the adolescents of our church.

It is designed with the aims of:

  1. Drawing student into a closer relationship with God especially through fasting prayers.
  2. Enabling the students to understand the sound patterns of truth and the preciousness of salvation.
  3. Helping the students to build up character and integrity.
  4. Helping students to apply the word of God in a practical way.
  5. Training up young people as future workers of the church.

To achieve these aims, the running of the STTTC is intensive, with emphasis on fasting prayer, learning of God’s word and firm discipline in an environment of spiritual fellowship and support. Field or practical sessions will be included.

We do strongly recommend that you think about what your aims are before you sign up for the STTTC so that you come prepared in body and spirit, humbly accepting instruction, counselling and when necessary, discipline.

Please discuss these aims with your parents as the greatest effect of the STTTC comes about with parental cooperation.

All those registering whose age will be under 16 on the 22nd December 2019 will be required to get their parents to fill up a “medical and consent” form. Unless this form is filled and submitted together with the online application, the ETD will not be able to register this category of applicants. This measure is necessary in view of the increasingly stringent levels of child protection.

Although a great amount of financial and human resources have been used on past STTTCs, the institution of the STTTC has palpably and perceptibly contributed toward the stability of the churches in Australia through the training of young people.

December 22 (SUN) 2019 to January 11 (SAT) 2020
Opening Ceremony
December 22 (SUN) 2019 7.30PM
St Joseph’s Baulkham Hills, 33 Barina Downs Road, Baulkham Hills NSW
Aged 16 (or alternatively those who have entered into year 10) and above to University level students
Things to bring
- towels, slippers and toiletries (e.g. tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo, etc)
- personal bible & hymn book
- personal alarm clocks
- a few pieces of warm clothings for cool nights
- summer clothings for warm days (no sleeveless tops nor shorts are allowed)
- hats and sneakers for execercise sessions
- Optional: White shirt/blouses, black trousers / skirts/pants for choir

Students are also reminded to read the relevant books of the bible BEFORE the ST3C.
ST3C students are not to bring laptops, ipods, palm computers, electronic games

Registration Fee
AU $300


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