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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens after the on-line submission of registration?
Your registration details will be sent to the relevant parties for approval. Approval is to be made by the church council of the participant's city of residence and the Officer (ETO) of the Educational and Training Department of the Australia Coordination Board (ACB). ETO will send you a confirmation email. If you have registered on-line and haven't received any confirmation email by 6/11/2019, please contact ETO via the "Enquiry" section.

I haven't confirmed my arrival and departure, what should I put in the form?
Yes, please do put in your tentative schedule. If you put nothing in the form, ETO or someone from the event organising committee will contact you for the details in due course. Please also double check the confirmation email on your registration details and notify us of any change. The confirmation email will give you more details on what to do if there are changes or who to contact for any change.

I don't have an email address, what should I put in the form?
Please try to get an email address first before submitting the registration. Otherwise, please provide your contact telephone number so that we can get in touch with you.

I have forgotten the year of my baptism, what should I put in the form?
Just put "baptised" in the appropriate section.

I would like to attend both the ST3C and NWYS, can I do that?
Yes you can but you must have completed the final year of your university/ tertiary level course by December 2019. Under this specific and particular set of circumstances, register your application for both ST3C and NWYS and make a note in the registration that you will be attending both. The registration fee that you will be paying will be that of the NWYS. Please also note that you cannot request exemption from the tests and assessments of ST3C on grounds that you missed out lessons on the first week of ST3C.

If I am willing to contribute my assistance, what do I expect?
The organiser cannot guarantee that all who offered to assist in their selected areas will be rostered accordingly. However, all those who are rostered will be notified before the course commences.

I would like to cancel my previous registration, what should I do?
Please send an email to ETO indicating that you want to cancel the submitted registration form, quoting your name and the same email address you provided in the form. Once your cancellation is processed, ETO will email you back a confirmation of your cancellation.

The on-line registration form does not seem to work properly, why?
This site was tested using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0+ and Mozilla Firefox version on a Microsoft Windows XP SP2 computer. If you are not using the above-mentioned browsers, or that you are running the browsers on other computer platforms, there is a chance that it might not work. Please feel free to send any usage or technical question to the Web Administrator via the "Enquiry" section.

Can I revert back to using paper form for the registration?
Yes you can. Please download a copy of the registration form from the "Download" section of this website. Complete the form and hand it to your local church council who will consider your application together with the final list of names of all applicants from your local church. pLease mention to your local church council that if approved, your local church council should include your name and details in the final list of approved applicants before your local church council emails this list to the ETO

Can I submit a completed registration form (softcopy) via email?
Yes certainly. Please email the completed registration form (softcopy) to the registrar which is reg.etc@tjc.org.au and we will process it accordingly.

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