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Letter From Australia Coordination Board

29th June 2019
To: All Churches and Prayer Houses of the True Jesus Church Australia Coordination Board
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Hallelujah! Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

It is with pleasure I announce the 2019/2020 STTTC and NWYS, both of which will be hosted by the Sydney Church. The venue will be at St Joseph’s Baulkham Hills, 33 Barina Downs Road, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

The STTTC will be held from the 22nd December 2019 to 11th January 2020 (12th January 2020 being the outing day) and the NWYS, from the 22nd to 28th December 2019. The opening ceremony for the STTTC and NWYS will be held on the evening of Sunday 22nd December 2019.

The STTTC is open to all aged 16 (or alternatively those who have entered into year 10) and above to university level students. The NWYS is open to all working youths. Those who are on the verge of entering the workforce may also apply. To apply for the above seminars, one must:

  1. Be a baptised member of the church
  2. Generally and regularly attend church services every week
  3. Be involved in some form of service to the church
  4. Attend out of one’s free will (The STTTC is neither a holiday camp nor a reform camp and should not be regarded as one by parents)
  5. Show willingness to submit to discipline, church authority and agree to abide by the rules and regulations
  6. Be able to bear with the physical demands of the course
  7. Be eligible as a holy vessel to serve the church

The ETD acting upon the advice of the local church council or on the basis of its own investigation has the right to refuse your application on behalf of the ACB should an applicant be found in breach of the above conditions. Local church councils and parents are to note that disputes arising from a rejection of application will not be entered into.

The online registration begins on 22nd July 2019. The Internet address for registration is http://ga.tjc.org.au. You will find information about the seminars, rules and regulations, things to bring and application form. The deadline for applications is 25th August 2019. Applications after the deadline will not be considered.

All those registering whose age will be under 16 on the 22nd December 2019 will be required to get their parents/ guardians to complete a “medical and consent” form (Form B). Unless this form is completed, the ETD will not be able to register this category of applicants. This form can be downloaded from the website. Completed and signed forms must be sighted by the local church council who will arrange for the handover the forms to the ETD on the day of registration. This measure is necessary in view of the increasingly stringent levels of child protection.

If in doubt about availability of leave, register first. However withdrawal of application must be made at least one month before the commencement of the seminars. Failure to do so may result in you having to pay for the booked accommodation.

The local church councils/ mission committees must examine, endorse and submit these applications to the ETD by the 31st August 2019.

Only STTTC registrants who are planning to attend equal to or more than 2 weeks will be accepted and NWYS registrants, at least 3.5 days. All participants, including local students, must stay on site. Successful applicants will be notified after endorsement by the local church council.

The STTTC registration fees will be AUD 300 and the NWYS AUD 280.

Air tickets should only be booked after receiving notification of approval from the registrar. The organizing committee also advises that participants try to arrive en bloc rather than piecemeal for ease of transport arrangements.

If you have any questions regarding the STTTC / NWYS registration, please contact the Education and Training Department via the on-line enquiry form or directly to esther.wee@tjc.org.au or keoni.yang@tjc.org.au

Please remember to pray for these two events. God bless and thank you.

In Christ

Dn Phillip Kong
Australia Coordination Board
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